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Craig is an artist based in Yorkshire, England, UK. With a background in comic books, animation and video games, Craig has carved out a niche specialising in his own mix of pop culture infused childhood innocence. His shadow series of paintings takes homage from all areas of pop culture including Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes, Hollywood as well as television and encapsulates the innocence of fantasy and role play that children take from their idols and harnesses it in action enthused imagery. 

Although no formal art training or education in the fine art industry, Craig continues to push the boundaries of each medium he works in. Completely self-taught, Craig is at home with a paintbrush as he is with a pencil. The Craig Davison art style developed from his initial starting as a comic book artist, gradually moving into sculpture and then computer-generated graphics for video games. All of these techniques have allowed Craig to develop his unique artistic style, encapsulating comic book style posing within a fine art medium. Craig continues to develop his style now working not only in pencil but also oil and acrylic.

Shadow Collections

The Craig Davison Shadow Collection has built into a huge portfolio of original art and print works. Drawing inspiration from a plethora of pop cultural icons such as Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes, DC Superheroes, Disney and Jame Bond amongst others, The Shadow Collection propelled Craig’s work to the forefront of the art world and continues to be his calling card.

The original Star Wars ‘Shadow Collection’ art prints have proved massively popular with titles such as ‘Full Force’, ‘Yoda I Am’ and ‘BMX Wings’ selling out in both original and limited edition prints.

The James Bond ‘ Shadow Collection’ continue to be very popular in both original and limited edition print runs.

The Superhero ‘Shadow Collection’ draws on characters from both the Marvel and DC comics universe with characters such as The Hulk, Deadpool, Batman and Spider-Man featuring heavily in more than one piece of original art and limited edition print runs.

The ‘Hollywood Shadow Collection’ is inspired by such filmic greats as Back to The future, Grease, Gladiator, Transformers, Jurassic Park and many, many more. Hugely popular in both original art and limited edition print runs.

Craig Davison Stockists

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